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French Guiana



3 main reasons why you should go to Suriname

1. Authentic culture

2. The diversity of food

3. Amazon rainforest

Why choose us, 10 reasons why!

  • The trip exceeded their expectations, said our travellers thanks to the contact with local people.
  • You choose your own travel date.
  • Are you traveling alone? We have join-in tours and you will have your own private room.
  • Traveling with kids? Choose private tours, so and your family travel as a group, no strangers.
  • We visit unique places that are not overcrowded with tourists.
  • We use only local and experienced guides.
  • Our local guides speak English and Dutch and at least 1 more local language. 
  • The resorts you visit and the activities you do have been tested and inspected by us.
  • We designed our own City map and Suriname river map, available in 3 languages.
  • We have our own airport service.
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"What was promised/agreed to in advance has been ‘executed’ completely. We knew what to expect. No ‘hidden’ costs. Perfect guidance with a change of chauffeurs/guides which surely makes it unique! Being able to make a round trip was a kind of ‘must’ for us."

Family Demeaght


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"A nice relaxed and care-free vacation organized very well. I am very satisfied with the program of my Suriname trip and the mix of culture, nature and action."

Alie Scholten


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"We have enjoyed everything from the beginning till the end: from Pengel to Pengel! Everything was arranged splendidly and we really felt like their guests. It surpassed all our expectations!"

Louise van der Meeren


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"A very special experience in splendid surroundings."

Sjoerd van der Schuit


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"Everything was arranged very well. We were serviced completely during the trip and so we could enjoy everything we saw. The guides and chauffeurs were friendly, helpful and informative."

Family Akkerman


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"The tour was impressive, interesting and magnificent. (I did not think before that it would be so amazing). The guides were Superb!"



"The tour was Excellent. The depth of experiences was phenomenal and I still think of Suriname almost every day - even though it's been months since I returned home. The guides were all very impressive in their knowledge of natural and cultural history and showed true passion for sharing that knowledge. Very resourceful in the face of problems. Patient with our many questions. Willing to share their own lives/perspectives. Great humour. A genuine interest in their guests. Worked hard to understand our expectations and to meet or exceed those expectations. The dug-out canoe was very adventurous. It was nice to travel the way the locals do, rather than on purpose-made tourist boats."



"Suriname has many facets. Friendly and helpful people. Luckily Suriname is not yet overcrowded with tourist, it has its charm and is very original. Despite different origins, people get on well with each other."



"The accommodations were good, clean, tidy and safe and the staff friendly and helpful. Because I travel alone, I pay extra for the one-person room and on this trip the rooms were definitely worth the extra charge. In addition, I was also very pleased with the apartment in Paramaribo, near Joosje Roti shop where they have delicious and cheap food. Highlights for me were Danpaati on the Suriname river, the cycling tour from Paramaribo to Pepperpot, Frederiksdorp and Nickerie with the excursion on the Bigi Pan lake. I would definitely recommend an overnight stay on the lake and a visit to the Saamaka Museum, in Pikin Slee."



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