Tania Foto

Tania van Velthuizen

Manager and owner of Pejego Tours. She studied Surinamese law. She can talk for hours about her beloved country Suriname. She loves to travel and her favorite sentence is then: ‘Can we also do this in Suriname?’ Surinamese love food and talk about food, while eating! Tania's favorite food is 'Moksi Alesi' this is a creole dish that can be purchased at  Restaurant 'Gadri'. This restaurant is located at the back of the National Assembly building, Waterkant in Paramaribo.


Jerry Sewberath Misser

Our photographer and IT guy. In charge of all the IT-related issues and responsible for most of the pictures on our website. Jerry's favorite food is an Indonesian dish called 'Beef Sate' from warung Rena, Blauwgrond in Paramaribo.

Raul Foto

Raul Karamali

Your host and problem solver in Suriname. He is famous for his Turtle and Dolphin tours ‘No Dolphins, money back, is his motto!’ Raoul's favorite food is an Indian dish called 'Roti' that can be purchased at Krish roti shop, Kwattaweg in Paramaribo.

Luiaard Foto


Our mascot lives on Babun Island near Stone Island. He is never in a hurry! He eats from every position and his favorite food is juicy leaves.

The experience of a lifetime?

Spending your holidays in the Guianas will give you that!  Admire the Kayateur fall, that's named after a Guyanese Amerindian Chief, visit the Rocket base center in Kourou and visit 2 UNESCO world heritage sites in Suriname.

Do something different?

Bake your own Cassava bread, dance the Banaba, taste fresh ripe fruits, get wake up calls from wild animals, get a taste of the history of Suriname, get free shows of wild animals, ride on a Quad through the Savanne Jungle and go Kayaking on Coca Cola colored waters. We combine all these experiences just for you in one holiday!