You might have been thinking about going on a holiday with your wife and kids. Maybe your uncle wants to join and don’t forget adventurous aunty! What is your family’s next journey? Perhaps a country surrounded by a tropical rainforest, inhabited by cozy-friendly-accessible people and fantastic guides? A family holiday to Suriname with Pejego Tours should definitely be on your to-do list because we will give you a life changing experience!

Things to do

Pejego Tours is a specialized tour operator offering a range of private and tailor-made tours for those who are traveling with their family looking for something different. On your family holiday to Suriname, your tours will include at least one of the following:

  • Introduction to the jungle, with exotic plants and animals
  • A visit to a school of a local maroon village
  • Singing with the locals by a campfire
  • Sailing in a dugout canoe together with your kids
  • Swimming in the rapids
  • Fishing in the river

Suriname is a beautiful country, with many different facets after all. A visit to Bigi Pan, Blanche Marie, Kabalebo or the old Plantations is a must, according to some of our guests who have been on tour with us.

Rich culture

The Surinamese culture is very diverse and dynamic and has strong Asian, African and European influences. Almost all the people who live in Suriname have ancestors that came from another continent. Despite this diversity in culture, in Paramaribo a Mosque is located adjacent to a Synagogue, is this not a sign of great tolerance between religions?

Diversity of food

In Suriname, you also find food from different kitchens. Taste amazing dishes from Creole, Hindustani, Javanese and Chinese people, all within your reach. Be tempted food from the Maroons and Indians! Throw your hips together with your family after a glass of Casiri (cassava beer) from the Indians! Be careful with the Sambel or Tjatnie though! Those can definitely give you red ears!

Paramaribo on the UNESCO World Heritage list

In 2002 the Dutch colonial town, Paramaribo, established in the 17th and 18th centuries was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic inner city is located along the left bank of the Suriname River. Along this same river, you find 2 historical fortresses Fort Zealandia and Fort New Amsterdam, which are now considered museums you can also visit. The original architecture of most of the buildings in the inner city of Paramaribo and street plan, in general, has largely remained intact and preserved.

We provide you accommodations

On your family holiday to Suriname you can expect a variety of accommodation types, depending on the places you decide to visit. Blanche Marie is really wonderful in terms of location on the river but basic, Kabalebo has one of the best accommodations within the rainforest if it fits within your budget. Eco Resort Inn (in Paramaribo) is a great hotel to stay in between trips. Accommodations on Stone Island and Bigi Pan are very simple but at the same time provide you exactly what you need.

Are you ready for your family holiday to Suriname? Contact us now via our contact form. Wherever you want to go in the Guianas, We make it possible!