Map of Suriname 

How does our website work?

Our Holiday activities are in blocks. You can book a fully catered holiday in the menu ‘Holiday Package’ with us. We take care of you, from airport to airport in the Guianas.

Do you want to compose your own Holiday to the Guianas? Choose blocks out of the ‘Make our own’ menu. There we have the best Resorts, hotels and day trips in the Guianas for you. Send us an email on the ‘Contact us‘ menu with your favorite blocks including your wishes. Also let us know if you want to travel with other travellers in a small, cozy group or without. Are you arriving in French Guiana and leaving from Suriname or Guyana, no problem. Our slogan is “Wherever you want to go in the Guianas, We make it possible!”

Are you on a business trip and do not have a lot of time, take a look at our ‘Daytrip’ menu or send us an email with your specific request and we will make it happen.

Go local!

With the slogan Go Local! Tania van Velthuizen, the founder of Pejego Tours, chooses accommodations and local guides, to support the local economy. Pejego tours gives training not only to the guides but also to the local people to support and work in the local tourist industry. This approach makes it possible for you to sleep in traditional Maroon villages, wake up in a hammock with the most beautiful sunrise or stay in a jungle lodge 200 km from the civilized world.

Transport to the inland

80% of the countries in the Guianas are covered with jungle. There are hardly any roads in the inland, transport is often by boat or with small airplanes. In order to keep a tour affordable, we can use different ways of transportation.


In the major cities like Paramaribo, Georgetown, Cayenne, Kourou, and Saint Laurent du Maroni you can find Wi-Fi almost everywhere. There is barely any Wi-Fi or cell phone signal in the inland. So prepare your family at home that you will not be able to contact them for a few days.


Electricity in the inland of the Guianas is limited, usually from 7 pm to 10 pm in the evening. Do not forget to bring your flashlight with sufficient batteries, power adapter, and a power bank is recommended! In Paramaribo and Georgetown it can also happen that there are power failures.


It is advised to drink only bottled water, this to avoid running to the toilet and spoiling your vacation. In hotels in the capitals, you have both cold and hot water from the tap. In the inland, mainly cold water comes from the tap.

Airport service

We have our own airport service in all 3 Guianas. If you require this service please let us know. This service is included in the Holiday Packages.


Pejego team wishes you a splendid holiday in the Guianas.