Star 4


How would you describe your vacation in a few words or in one sentence?
It was rather a fantastic experience of life than a standard vacation!

Can you tell us something about the accommodations during this trip? 
All our accommodations were very good; from the simplest thing till the hotel, we always came to. What we did not want to miss, was staying on Bigi Pan, as far as location is concerned, it was an enrichment of the trip. 

Can you tell us something about the excursions you participated in?
Anaula – beautiful island in the middle of the jungle with monkeys (always nice). We hiked in the jungle with a guide, we swam in the rapids (sula), we went to the village of the Maroons. All very nice experiences, set up as a tourist concept. This area with a visit to the Maroons is a must.

Bigi Pan – splendid area, mangrove area with a lot of birds (red ibises, various kinds of heron. I made nice boat trips, boating with the canoe and I had a mud treatment in the middle of the vast water. Slept in a hammock, certainly a must to do this with staying the night on Bigi Pan. The trip from Nickerie to Blanche Marie, with a visit to Indian villages and to an old depot. The latter was a spontaneous addition to the program, but this was really a beautiful experience. Blanche Marie - it was the rainy season, so the waterfall was filled with water completely. You could paddle at the edge. Furthermore, we fished here and spotted caimans. As far as the program is concerned it was a quiet part of the trip.

Nieuw Amsterdam – open-air museum, nice museum, not special. Frederiksdorp – tour on the plantation and a bike trip in the surroundings. Both are very nice, namely because of the friendly guide. Evening trip to the turtle was a nice experience despite the fact that we did not see big turtles (we did see young ones). We certainly recommend this place to others to visit (despite the fact that there are a lot of mosquitoes in this area).

What do you think of the organization of the trip? 
Everything was arranged very well. We were serviced completely during the trip and so we could enjoy everything we saw. The guides and chauffeurs were friendly, helpful and informative also with the children.

What, according to you, should they not miss at all on this trip?
Suriname is a beautiful country with many various aspects. All the trips we made were a beautiful experience. In our opinion, a visit to Bigi Pan and the plantations is a must...