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What is your first reaction if you think of your vacation?

Very surprising, very versatile!

Can you tell us something about the accommodations during this trip? 
I did not like, for example, the "back-to-basic" accommodations, but it was a fantastic experience! Sleeping at the Brokopondo Lake, at Fina’s in Semoisi and on the Bigi Pan lake. Once the knob is turned you can indulge in all the pleasant things and then it is an experience that is unparalleled by the most beautiful hotel you ever stayed at. In fact, it is the climax of your vacation: out of your comfort zone, nothing is as it is at home or what we have seen from previous trips up until now.

Can you tell us something about the excursions you participated in?

Brownsberg and Ston Island were a nice beginning to know the jungle: a splendid almost surrealistic Brokopondo lake, the Leo and Irene Falls.

Semoisi: the trip to Semoisi was impressive. What another (for us unknown) side of Suriname did we see there. The trips to the Ananasberg and Tapawatra Sula were fantastic, but the villagers are mainly going to stay in our minds: hospitable, heart-warming.

Bigi Pan was something quite different again: sleeping on the lake, spotting birds, caimans, and the mud bath.

We surely would not like to miss Frederiksdorp because of the history and the evening trip to the beach to spot turtles (a leatherback turtle weighing 500 kg!)

And then all the things I have forgotten to mention now. Choosing from this is so difficult, just the complete picture makes you see what Suriname is.

What do you think of the organization of the trip?

Only praise for Raoul and his team: Ahmet, Raymond, Soesma, Samoe, Ro. We have enjoyed everything from the beginning till the end: from Pengel to Pengel! Everything was arranged splendidly and we really felt like their guests. It surpassed all our expectations!

What, according to you, should they not miss on this trip?

As far as population is concerned, Suriname is not only a melting pot of diversity. We have experienced the country like this ourselves. The excursion we did were so different: choosing from this would not be a credit to Suriname. Just plunge into the culture, nature and be surprised by the surroundings and the people, because they stole our hearts. Come out your comfort zone and make very special memories for the rest of your life.

Tania, very many thanks for the super guidance, preparation, guidance locally by Raoul and his team, but also for the contact after the trip!