Star 4

26-02-2018, Review Suriname holiday by S.van der Schuit from the Netherlands

What is your first reaction if you think of your holidays in Suriname?  
A very special experience in splendid surroundings!

Can you tell us something about the accommodations during this Suriname trip? 
The accommodations during this holiday were according to our expectations. Sometimes luxurious and sometimes primitive. The information in advance in the Netherlands was clear!

Which excursion in Suriname would you absolutely recommend to other travelers? 
The city trip to Paramaribo was good and informative. I would certainly recommend the trip to Bigi Pan with staying the night!

What do you think of the organization of the trip?
Together with Tania from Suriname, we put all our wishes into the program. Because of that we often had a guide for ourselves or the group was really small. We experienced it as very pleasant. The guides were professional and were ready for us.

What are your highlights during your holidays in Suriname? 
The stay in Semoisi was unique. We stayed longer and because of that, we got a good picture of the life of these Saramaccans. This primitive culture must be preserved. One admires the women in these villages and the work they do to survive in that primitive environment. During the trip to Fungu-island and the hike to Voltzberg, we saw and heard monkeys for the first time. The trip to Bigi Pan is a must and one should certainly stay the night! The picture of the thousands of Ibises, silver herons and small blue herons which are looking for their resting place is impressive!